About Us

@ BlueSky, all things about Social Responsibility excites us!

We exist to support organisations in their Social Responsibility initiatives that contribute to Sustainable Development and address complex social and environmental issues.

Headquartered in Bangalore, BlueSky offers the services of its Internationally Certified CSR Auditors across diverse geographies and sectors. The CSR Assurance Report references global and national CSR standards.

We provide Inspection, Assurance reports for Social Responsibility initiatives- This includes Business Responsibility (Responsible Business ) project as well as Charitable and Philanthropic projects (CSR ) as mandated by The Companies Act -2013.

Leadership Team

Neeta Sharma

Jyotsna Belliappa

Martin Neureiter

Advisory Council Members

  • Dr. Ms. K Vijaya Lakshmi
    Vice President, Development Alternatives Group.
  • Dr. Naresh Tyagi
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Aditya Birla fashion and Retail Ltd.
  • Ravi Sreedharan
    Founder, Indian School of Development Management.
  • Sushanto Mitra
    Founder and CEO Lead Angels Network
  • Seema Arora
    Deputy Director General at Confederation of Indian Industries

What we do?

Stakeholders are demanding more transparency, and companies themselves are under increasing competitive and regulatory pressure to demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

Our CSR Assurance framework builds on our expertise on the following topics.

  • ISO 26000: 2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct 2018 (NGBRC)
  • The Company‚Äôs Act 2013, Section 135.
  • CSR Auditor Training based on ISO 26000 and National Guidelines(NGRBC)
  • CSR Project Reporting as per ISO 26000, GRI and Business Responsibility Reporting