ISO 26000: Social Responsibility

Business and organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Their relationship to the society and environment in which they operate is a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively. It is also increasingly being used as a measure of their overall performance. ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society.

Why BlueSky CSR Assessment Scorecard ?

CSR is integral to the culture of an organisation and influences the way a business is perceived by the community. So, a CSR programme done irresponsibly can ruin the brand value with one bad story.

Consider this case - you have been contributing to a government middle school in a tribal community in Odissa for the last 3 years...

Does the CSR project measure social impact in a way that is easy to report?
Are you confident about the quality of reports received from the projects?
Are you sure your CSR contribution has been utilised for the intended cause?
How do you establish that the CSR contributions are accountable and transparent?
How long will you continue to support the project and why?
Will the project collapse if you stop contributing?

BlueSky CSR Assessment Scorecard Deliverables

Assess Impact - positive and negative - of the CSR project

Verifies the necessary minimum procedures for the CSR project

Highlights Brand risk arising due to the poor design of the CSR projects

Balanced communication to enhance the credibility of the CSR project

BlueSky CSR Assessment Scorecard Performance grading

  • Assessment is based on a series of factors (data points), stakeholder feedback and documentary evidences
  • The assessment scorecard is managed on a cloud based platform
  • Assessment is tailored to match the scope of the client’s CSR programme
  • Assessment done on 208 factors (data points) to arrive at the Performance scoring